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What Makes Fall a Bad Asthma Season?

What Makes Fall a Bad Asthma Season?

In addition to cooler weather and children going back to school, the arrival of fall also means a rise or worsening in asthma flare-ups. If you or your child suffers from asthma, this can be disheartening and life-threatening. While there are remedies you can use to prevent the onset of asthma and alleviate its symptoms, it is important to know why the fall season seems to be a tough time for asthma-sufferers.

The Increase in Asthma Attacks

Cases of asthma tend to worsen during the cooler seasons because the sufferers are exposed to more respiratory viruses than during warmer seasons. The respiratory infections that result from the exposures to the viruses then set off asthma attacks. Parents of children that have asthmas are likely to see flare-ups for two reasons:

  • The increase in viral infections in the community
  • The reopening of schools where children with the viruses are in close contact with other children

Allergies and Asthma

It is not uncommon for children and adults to suffer from allergies as one season transitions to another and for the allergic reactions to trigger an asthma attack. Fall allergies can be the result of the airborne weeds, molds and pollen in the environment, as well as their exposure to more germs. However, you will see much fewer occurrences of asthma during the summer because the exposure rate to viral infection is low and the children generally spend significantly less time in environments that are as heavily populated as schools.

Fall allergies can be the result of the airborne weeds, molds and pollen in the environment, as well as their exposure to more germs.

Stopping Asthma Before it Starts

There are many things you can do to prevent the conditions that may trigger an asthma attack and to lessen the symptoms of an attack that has already occurred. They include:

  • Readying your home for fall by cleaning to reduce allergens and turning up the thermostat
  • Being aware of the outdoor and indoor allergy triggers
  • Ensuring your children wash their hands properly to reduce the spread of viruses
  • Trying to avoid spaces that are heavily populated
  • Making sure that an albuterol is always on hand
  • Combating allergies with desensitization shots or medication

Untreated asthma or asthma that is not treated properly can be deadly. Asthma can affect the quality of you or your child’s life, causing complications with sleep, school performance and your overall health.

If you have a pressing asthma issue, just need advice on having a plan in place to help your child combat asthma this season or have a concern about any other seasonal health matters, feel free to contact us at PrimeCare Urgent Care. You can take advantage of the discounted physical exams we are currently offering.

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